Thursday, July 7, 2011

Drawing Challenge: Tribute

Angel and I have been searching for a new drawing challenge, and I recently saw a Harry Potter tribute auction and thought , great Scott! we could do that! but since Angel doesnt know a hallow from a Horcrux, we decided to tackle a mutually adored series, The Legend of Zelda. So, over the next week or so, we will be diving back into Hyrule, making our own versions of Favorite moments/characters from each game. So, in order of release...

Day 1- The Legend of Zelda
Day2- The Adventure of Link
Day 3-A Link to the Past
Day 4- Ocarina of time (this should be a good one!)
Day 5- Majora's Masl
Day 6- Oracle of Ages/Seasons
Day 7- Four Swords
Day 8- The Wind Waker
Day 9- The Minish Cap
Day10- Twilight Princess
Day11-Phantom Hourglass
Day12-Spirit Tracks
Day13-Skyward Sword

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