Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 8-The Wind Waker.

This was probably my most anticipated day of this entire run. I love this game so much. It's a dead tie between this and Ocarina of Time. The next few things I'm about to say are the nerdiest I've ever said, but here goes. Ocarina is like Star Wars. When I got into games, actually got into them, owned consoles and all, Ocarina was already an established thing. It was already THE Zelda game. Just like Star Wars had already been around and loved for YEARS before I really experienced the whole thing. But Wind Waker is MY game. I experienced it when everyone else was. It was a huge, new thing, that most people hated just because it looks like a cartoon. But that what i love about it. It's the closest there will ever be to a real Zelda cartoon. This game would make an incredible (and long) 2d animated movie. I've been listening the the Soundtrack of each Zelda game as a go thru this drawing challenge, and this one has been the most fun.

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  1. ive been doing the soundtrack thing too. lol. I think the way you feel about wind waker is how i feel about link to the past. I feel like that one is MY game.