Sunday, May 22, 2011


I can't think of another word that can do the first chunk of 2011 justice. Just, Oof. Lots of big changes in almost every aspect of my life from school, home, work.. i guess that's about it, but still!

I'm done with College, got my Bachelor of Art last week, and the animated short I worked on also premiered to boatloads of applause the night before graduation. So, for you faithful readers out there, all 10 of you, I'm starting another 30 days of drawing challenge. I looked back at my 30 days from last summer recently when putting together a reel and a portfolio, and was generally appalled at how bad and rushed it all felt. I have no idea why I rushed, seeing as I often had DAYS with nothing to do but sit around and finish any withstanding video games i had. ( Mission accomplished, btw) But APS really forced me to stop fucking around (for the most part) and made me a bit better, art wise. I've always enjoyed illustration more than actual animation, despite studying animation, so these 30 day things are a real kickstart for any other things i might have whizzing around in my head. I often find myself sitting behind my tablet with photoshop open just staring at the screen for an hour or so, and then i tend to give up and put everything away. Hopefully this will be a thing of the past, but who knows. But that's why some of you are here, I'd imagine. To watch me stumble thru the post-college wasteland of trying to find a job in art. I'm fine with that, you might even say it's an occupational hazard.

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