Sunday, May 22, 2011

30 Days of Drawing part 2.

As I said, new 30 Days.
So for you who want to participate, or just want a peek of whats to come, here is this summer's list.

1-Self portrait
2-imaginary friend
3-most recent dream
4-redesign book cover
5-childhood memory
6-whats in your bag?
7-Hybrid Animal
8-scene form a movie
9-Siamese twins
10- Superhero
11- Super Villian
12- an elderly person
13- a baby
14- portrait of a pet
15- a dinosaur
16-draw anything with your eyes closed
17-a delicious food
18- zombies!!!
19-sea creature
20-your dream job
21- a guilty pleasure
22- favorite cartoon character
23- actor/actress
24- collage
25- best friend
27-something with sentimental value
28-your zodiac sign
29-the meaning of your name
30-draw anything you'd like, but in a different style.

SO yeah... this will be interesting.

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